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Gubbey Records pronounced (Gub-Bee), is an independent record company from Louisville, Kentucky. We release music from all genres. Our focus is on documenting obscure, isolated and eclectic Louisville music. We have released independent music from Satellite Twin, Black Birds of Paradise, New Bravado, Blind Tigers, eremy•JIrvin, The Tallest, Furlong, IamIs, Rare Treats, Andy Matter, Tamara Dearing, Sick City Four, Opposable Thumbs, Anderson, Funkus, Mr. Samples, Shit House Poets, The Touched, Prozax, Stories For Boys, The Amoeba and more since 1994.

News: The squirrels have been at it all winter long gathering up releases for 2016 and now as the weather starts to get warmer so does our release schedule. Our first release of the year is going to be the psychedelic lounge metal record “Terror Bird” from Louisville’s Black Birds of Paradise. It is now available below or in our store on a golden cassette and vinyl. The release show will be on May 14th  at Haymarket Whiskey Bar with special guests Insect Policy and Brenda. It is a seriously heavy record and it came out amazing, don’t miss out. Check out the song "Terror Bird" below. We have a plethora of other exciting and diverse releases coming at you very soon, keep it posted....

Black Birds of Paradise-Terror Bird Cassette w/ Download Card

Flyer By: Matt Hendricks (Thank You!!!)

 For those of you who missed out, here is your second chance!! The 188 band Head Cleaner-A Louisville Music Compilation Vol. 7,8,9,10 &11 has been repressed and is now restocked at the link below or if you live in Louisville you can also go to the great  Modern Cult Records. There are only a few left so you may want to stop by and snatch one up now while the already small supply lasts…. Get on it before they are G-O-N-E, we will not be repressing again. Only $17.00 and $2.00 of every compilation sold goes directly to ARTxFM.

Head Cleaner- A Louisville Music Compilation Vol. 7,8,9,10 & 11 Triple Cassette w/Download Card$17.00













It is impossible to describe how honored and grateful we are to this city’s music community. This past weekends Head Cleaner release shows at Modern Cult Records were a truly beautiful and magical event that showcased what an incredible and diverse music scene Louisville has. Through your admission and cassette sales we collectively raised $800 for A R T x F M, Louisville’s progressive and uniquely programmed radio station that is highly committed to this communities music scene. Words can’t express our gratitude to all of you for coming out and supporting this event.

Incredibly, Head Cleaner-A Louisville Music Compilation Vol.7,8,9,10 & 11 sold out in just two short days. Thank you so much to everyone who purchased one, we hope you are enjoying it and are discovering new Louisville bands. For those of you who did not get a copy but wanted to, we are working on a small repress and a digital option, stay tuned for details.

A most glorious show stopping moment from this weekend will always stick with us... We will not soon forget watching the Insect Policy set as the band suddenly stopped and lifted signs that read “Will You Marry Me?”. Suddenly guitarist Tyler Chanley dropped to one knee and proposed to Anna Back. It was one of the most punk rock moments I have ever witnessed. We wish this warm and wonderful couple a very long and happy life together.

With a project of this size, there are so many people to thank, so forgive me for this long post.

To the 188 bands who sent in songs, a huge THANK YOU!!! You are what this compilation was all about, documenting your creativity and you came in droves with music that defines and shows the strength of the Louisville music scene. I love and respect each and ever one you all for willingness to be part of this compilation.

To Insect Policy, SATELLITE TWIN, The Winger Brothers, BUS HUS, The Cut Family Foundation, Cheyenne Mize & Julia Purcell of Maiden Radio for playing the release shows and donating your musical talents! Your performances were flawless and made for one of the most memorable and weirdest weekends of local music in some time. THANK YOU!!

To Sean Liter and his pillar of a record store Modern Cult Records for hosting both evenings of the release shows. THANK YOU for your willingness to hold this event and the hard work that you put into it. Your undying dedication to local music and creating a record store that embraces and promotes local underground culture is unmatched and we are incredibly lucky to have such a special place in Louisville. And to Holly McGlawn who has helped Sean with the shop in every step of the way and also her words of encouragement for this project were never lost on us and brought us up when we were down. We love you all.

To the Gubbey Records staff for which this project would never have never happened: Amy Munson for her meticulous layout, graphic design, photography and being the love of my life. Your dedication to this project, your saintly patience, attention to detail and ability to keep us all sane was incredible, I love you. Also, those squirrel cookies were a hit wink emoticon. And to Cory Fusting for compiling and laying out the information sheet, making flyers and doing any crazy thing we needed him to do, you are a champion.

To Matt Humble Pop Culture Painter For Hire for his gorgeous cover artwork. Your visuals always tie the music and city together in such a dynamic way. Thank you for painting for this project since the beginning and being a great friend.

To ARTxFM, Sharon Scott, Brian Manley, Joey Mudd and the rest of the station staff for creating such community centric, unique and compelling programming.

To the Louisville press: LEO Weekly, WAVE 3 News, 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville, ARTxFM, Never Nervous & Doodle Hound. Thank you for providing your words and airtime for this project, it was greatly appreciated!

We thank you! Let’s do it again next year!


You can see a full listing of the bands below:


We are so grateful to all who attended the Satellite Twin- The Mechanical Hearts EP release show! To Cher Von and The Instruction for their excellent and diverse sets. To the New Vintage for hosting. And to Satellite Twin for absolutely ripping it up and being so great to work with! Their brand new Cassette Store Day EP is now avaliable below or in our webstore. It is excellent, get one TODAY! 

SATELLITE TWIN-The Mechanical Hearts EP, w/ Download Card-$5.00

 We are super stoked to announce that we are finally releasing New Bravado“Sun & Moon” on full-length vinyl LP and CD on October 2nd! The record release show is the same day, October 2nd at Zanzabar starting at 8pm, $5, with special guests The Mighty Auroch, Time Lard and Sun Street (Lexington).  https://www.facebook.com/events/1655727154676316/

The new vinyl record "Sun & Moon" will be on sale at the show for only $10 bucks!!

In other news, we want to thank everyone who attended the eremy•JIrvin "Odds & Evens" CD release show! It was truly a special and musically amazing night. We only have a handful of the CD's left, we will have them out to stores shortly and up on the site in a few days, catch them while you can, they will sell out quick!

Photo by:A.Munson





Gubbey Records, P.O. Box 7481, Louisville, KY 40257